Training to game on a guitar in one y. Novosibirsk
Training to game on a guitar in one y. Novosibirsk

Training to game on a guitar in one y. Novosibirsk

About itself:

I teach game on a guitar in one y. Novosibirsk with 1968. Worked at musical schools of city and 20 years in palace of culture him Chkalova, where except for teaching work supervised over ensemble guitar.

About training:

The lessons pass at the teacher. Let's be engaged on a classical guitar. It is the mother of all guitars, all styles and directions. The transition to other guitar, after termination a rate on classics, did not deliver to my schoolboys of the special difficulties. Employment two times per one week on one astronomical hour. From them 15 minutes on hearing of music or on delay of the schoolboy. For the adult schoolboys, if necessary, the dual lessons once per one week are possible.

In process of progress of the schoolboy under the program and the strengthenings of engineering of his hands, at his request, are entered lessons of accompaniment. For free possession of the notes at each lesson we study in reading "from a sheet".


Of Novosibirsk. Dzerginskiy r-n. stop " Cafe Lada " the underground " a Gold cornfield " a street. And. Leghena 16 ph. 267-52-41 cellular ph. 8-913-931-64-05

The information:

November 22 2002y. at musical school 11 in one y. Novosibirsk the repeated meeting of learning classes of a guitar with fellow-countryman, composer and teacher Valeriy Kalinin was held. First such meeting passed at this school in 1999y. Both meetings were organized by the teacher of this school Cigal Piter. In the beginning of meeting 2002y. learning of this school played on guitars of the play Valeriy Kalinin from the different textbooks written to them specially for children. Then two plays for a guitar were executed by(with) the schoolboy Valeriy Kalinin Konsnantin Lebedev and in end of this meeting the schoolboys have heard a little new of the not published plays for a guitar in executionof the author.

Videofragments of meeting at school






Small Spaniard




Preludia #2


Moonlit night






House of the ascending sun

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